Rust stain removal

Rust stain removal

Rust stain removal is one of the more challenging parts of our job. The trouble with rust stains is that the stain is being caused but small pieces of metal that are imbedded into the porous parts of the surface the stains are on. Like concrete for example.

At some point metal has been scraped along the surface. A kid’s bike being dragged, a toolbox or tools being dragged even a few inches, a petrol can from the lawn mower, anything made of metal that is placed on the ground and then pulled along would leave small metal “filings” on the surface of the concrete. Before long those filings find a minute hole to hide in and over time the rust begins to form. The brown stain that follows is because of that rust.

The challange with cleaning this sort of stain is that the cause of the problem is still there after the stain has been removed. You can go ahead and clean the surface and be immediately impressed with how nice it now looks. Only to be disappointed again in only a few weeks when the stain comes right back.

Weis Contractors are well aware of the cause of the rust stain and not only treat the symptom but also the cause.

We’ll get rid of the stain, no problems at all, but we are also going to get rid of the cause.

How? Sorry, that’s one of our Rust stain removal secrets (-;

Rest assured we’ll remove the rust stains from your concrete driveways or paths etc and leave them looking like new.

Sealing your pathways is a great way of reducing this sort of thing from happening in the first place. We would love to discuss this with you too.

Let’s chat. Just contact us.

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