Chewing gum removal

Chewing gum removal

Chewing gum removal is yet another of the services we have on offer.

There’s no need to put up with those unsightly dark coloured dots all over your footpath or furniture anymore because they can be removed.

Weis contractors service vehicles are set up with everything they need for chewing gum removal.

Stephen and Christine have successfully completed Green R Clean training in Operational Cleaning, Management and Development. This course has increased our awareness of Green Cleaning. As a part of our training we undertook an assessment of one of our diesel trucks. By updating this truck we were able to show and prove a saving on the amount of diesel used. As well as decreasing the cost of maintenance we were able to show a reduction in our carbon footprint.

In the past, when doing chewing gum removal, we would use a high pressure cleaner with hot water.

Our pressure washer uses 21 litres of water per minute which equates to 1200 litres of water per hour. We looked at an alternative to this and now use the Vaga Dry Steam Machine. This machine uses 5 litres of water per hour, a saving of over 1195 litres of water per hour. The Vaga can also be used to clean and sanitise surfaces without the uses of chemicals.

We have also embraced the Recycleaner, a small electric pressure cleaner that recovers and recycles its own water. We have been successful in reducing the quantity of chemicals used with this machine, as it reuses the chemicals already mixed within the recycled water.

This process not only removes the chewing gum but also cleans the surface it is stuck to at the same time resulting in a fresh new pathway.

Further Chemical treatment is sometimes required to get an even finish if the chewing gum is very old or the concrete is full of blotchiness.

Regardless of the location, our Technicians can manage your chewing gum removal problems and get your paths looking good again with minimal cost and inconvenience to you.

Over time concrete gets covered in stains, algae and moss and that fills the tiny pores in the surface making it dark in colour and slippery when wet or moist.

Our chewing gum removal technicians are even able to remove stains from concrete like rubber tyre marks, oil stains, rust, tar, paint, and fibreglass resin. All from the pores of the concrete surface, restoring it back to its original condition and most of the time without any damage or cleaning marks obvious at the end of the job.

From the photo shown, you will see there is a difference between before and after the job. Our customers are pleasantly surprised by how clean we are able to restore their concrete after the chewing gum removal.

chewing gum removal

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