Mould Treatment

Mould Treatments

Weis Contractors can use a number of different systems. Basically all these system can achieve the same result it comes down to the client and there needs.

Our Most common method is a 2-part process.  Firstly, micro cleaning, all mould from contaminated surfaces, including ceilings, walls, cornices, windows and doors etc.

To finish the process, you must eliminate all airborne mould spores. Fogging is the safe method of applying our unique chemical throughout the building using an electronic ULV cold-fogging machine.  By fogging the internal environment, we are able to remove mould’s ability to regrow quickly.

This process eradicates 99.998% of all mould spores and odours related to mould.  The chemical used bio-degrades within 48 hours and it is safe for occupants to re-enter premises just 3 hours after this treatment has been completed.

Depending on our clients and their  requirements we can substitute  our fogging chemical with a natural plant based product.  The benefits of this product is that it is 100% natural and organic.We can spray your premise while still occupied if needed.  These products are widely used within the childcare industry.  Not only does this product help eliminate mould spores it can help  stop the spread of virus and bacteria by leaving an active coating for up to 12 weeks.  We have used this system on a number of property where our clients are Chemical Sensitive .  We will also on occasion suggest this around new born babies and pregnant women.

Other methods include the use of dry steam. We can micro clean all surfaces using our steam machine.  This process is similar to a steam mop. We also have the only abrasive blasting system in Australia that can be used to remove you mould by abrasive blasting.  This system is a closed system so no contamination , no dust

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