Sandpit cleaning

Sandpit cleaning

sandpit cleaning     sandpit cleaning    sandpit cleaning

Sand is a fantastic resource that offers fun and excitement for children while protecting them from harm if they fall. Without proper regular sandpit cleaning however, the sand can deteriorate in quality to the point where it is no longer fit for this kind of use and has to be dug out and replaced, which is an expensive process. Additionally with the lack of proper care and maintenance this can lead to serious health and safety concerns and you may be liable if you have not kept your sand maintained.

How clean is your Sand?

Sand can become dirty and unsafe in two main ways, both of which need attending to regularly.

Firstly there are the foreign bodies you can see: rubbish, broken glass, needles, cigarette butts, rocks and sharp twigs can all get into the sand over time. Each of these is a potential risk and needs to be removed.

Then there is the risk from ‘the invisible dangers’ including E. Coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Noroviruses plus many others which can build up over a period of time in the sand pit.

Children play in the sand and then later put their hands and fingers into their mouths resulting in possible illness. Even if the sources of these dangers are removed (such as litter and faecal matter) the viruses and bacteria themselves will have transferred to the sand and will need to be removed separately.

Keeping Sand Clean

To keep sand truly clean and safe you need to deal with both the visible and the invisible dangers regularly. Sandpit cleaning is important!

Weis Contractors offer services to deal with both of these dangers.

To remove the rubbish, broken glass and other items that build up in sand over time we offer a sand sifting service. Our sand cleaner can sort sand to a depth of 200mm and pick up particles as small as 3mm in width. Sandpit cleaning or more precisely, Sifting several times a year will reduce your risk and liability from items entering into the sand.

To clean sand pits of all the invisible dangers that can build up we recommend sand sanitising.  Weis Contractors use a 100% natural and safe product to sanitise your sandpit and surrounding areas. For more information contact us.

Arrange your Treatment Today

If it has been some time since your sand was last cleaned or if it has never been done, the children using it may be at risk and you may be liable from the resulting injuries. Additionally, if you leave your sand pit for too long between cleanings you may later be forced to replace all the sand, this process is significantly more expensive than the cost of regular maintenance. To arrange your sandpit cleaning treatment contact Weis Contractors today and chat to our experts about how we can help you keep your premises maintained.

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