Playground cleaning

Playground cleaning

Playground cleaning     Playground cleaning

Playground cleaning is yet another service provided by Weis Contractors. In addition to our Sandpit cleaning it completes the task of making sure your children are able to play in a safe and clean environment.

For our playground cleaning we only use all natural products which are both efficient at cleaning and at the same time friendly to the environment and safe for use around playground equipment.

In addition to basic cleaning we also inspect the equipment for loose, missing or corroded fittings or anything dangerous found and get back to you with a report. We check for cracked plastics, broken glass or other debris hidden from normal view.

Our playground cleaning procedure extends to the sandpit below. To remove the rubbish, broken glass and other items that build up in sand over time we offer a sand sifting service. Our sand cleaner can sort sand to a depth of 200mm and pick up particles as small as 3mm in width. Sandpit cleaning or more precisely, Sifting several times a year will reduce the health risk from items buried in the sand.

To clean sand pits of all the invisible dangers that can build up we recommend sand sanitising.  Weis Contractors use a 100% natural and safe product to sanitise your sandpit and surrounding areas. For more information contact us.



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