Green solutions

Green solutions

As part of our green solutions training we underwent an assessment of one of our diesel trucks. By updating this truck we were able to show and prove a saving on the amount of diesel used. As well as decreasing the cost of maintenance on that vehicle, we were able to show a reduction in our carbon footprint.

This also allowed us to look at some new processes and equipment for our business. In the past, when removing chewing gum, we would use a high pressure cleaner with hot water. Our pressure washer uses 21 litre of water per minute which equates to 1200 litre of water per hour. We looked at an alternative to this and now use the Vaga Dry Steam Machine. This machine uses only 5 litres of water per hour, a saving of over 1195 litres of water per hour. The Vaga can also be used to clean and sanitise surfaces without the uses of chemicals.

We have also embraced the Recycleaner, a small electric pressure cleaner that recovers and recycles its own water. We have been successful in reducing the quantity of chemicals used with this machine, as it reuses the chemicals already mixed within the water.

Stephen and Christine have successfully completed Green R Clean training in Operational Cleaning, Management and Development. This course has increased our awareness of Green Cleaning.

To reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in removing large amounts of paint, we have included the DB225 Dustless Blaster. Uses of the DB225 also include fire restoration. After cleaning with this machine, the blast media is swept up and disposed properly. No chemicals are washed into the waterway. We are constantly looking at new technologies, training and equipment to stay abreast of new trends and product development.

green solutions    green solutions

As new technologies are developed, we will continue to improve our advancements into greener cleaning.

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