Cold room cleaning

Cold room cleaning

cold room cleaning     cold room cleaning

Cold room cleaning is a specialised field. Comprehensive cleaning of this vital piece of equipment is essential. Not only do the products used have to be safe to clean food storage areas, but the pipes can contain biofilm, the fans and fins can be covered in mould and mould can also be growing on the ceiling, walls or floor.

Our technicians are trained specifically for this process and employ the best methods and products available to clean these areas. They inspect the cool room and notify you of any other potential problems that they find, for example door seals, which may need replacement.

Our trained professionals will then clean your cold room including the fans and fins, flush the pipes to rid them of any build-up of mould or biofilm, clean the floors, ceilings and walls and apply a hydrophilic coating to all surfaces to protect the room for 12 months. We are very thorough in this process.

Cold rooms, by design, are constructed of materials that are hydrophilic, this means that water or moisture should run down the walls and settle on the floors.
( Generally the floors are cleaned regularly by kitchen or maintenance staff ).

Most cool rooms contain shelving which is pushed up against the walls with boxes and containers stacked on them. These containers and the shelves themselves can often have small spillages on them that end up on the walls and are usually concealed from view. This then becomes a breeding ground for mould.

Mould builds up and is blown straight back through the fan system and then circulated around the room. If food is not stored correctly, this can blow straight on to the food. Normally, bacteria will not grow in a cold room because the temperature should be maintained below 6°C, however, mould will.

Please note that regular in-house cleaning of floors and inspection of the walls for spillages is recommended to be undertaken by your staff.

We have an Energy Reduction Program which includes coating of your cold room cooling equipment, this keeps it running smoothly and more energy efficiently. The coating can also be applied to the walls which prevents spillages from adhering to them. Coating the walls like this is a protective measure only and not an energy saving one however it assists in reducing contamination from mould and should be considered.

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