Floor coatings

Floor Coatings

floor coatings     floor coatings

Commercial And Industrial Floors

With both commercial and industrial floor coatings, the type of coating, durability, a hygienic surface, being easy to clean and having a slip resistant coating is paramount. Weis Contractors aim to provide you with the latest products and services available to seal and / or polish your concrete. Making your Commercial or Industrial floor coatings project, tough, long lasting, and low maintenance.

With epoxy floor coatings we use a 100% solid mixture. The finish produced is high gloss.  This is suitable for houses, shops, offices, retail shops, hairdresser salons, tattoo shops, café and restaurants. Our floors are chemical, solvent, oil and grease resistant. We apply the coating up the wall eliminating the joints between the wall and floor, for a hygienic finish. Ceramics and various types of sand can be applied to the epoxy floor coating to ensure a non skid surface.

Commercial Epoxy Floor coatings are recommended for:

  • Bakery Flooring
  • Cold Room Floors
  • Furniture and Auto Showrooms
  • Hairdressers and Surgery’s Floors
  • Kennels and Vet Clinic Floors
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Offices etc.
  • Shop Floors
  • Take-away food outlets
  • Warehouse Flooring

Why choose us for your commercial or industrial project ?

  • QBCC license and insured
  • Attractive flooring
  • Experienced & creative flooring
  • Non-slip applications
  • Seamless – no grout lines and cracks
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easily re-coatable surfaces for high-traffic areas
  • Professional and Prompt Service

Acrylic sealers for concrete

Uses for acrylic sealers can include:

  • Exterior surfaces, to provide good protection against water and chloride intrusion
  • Decorative interior floors, to protect the surface and enhance the existing color
  • Fast-track your resurfacing or surface protection project, since acrylic coverings will dry to the touch within an hour

Acrylics are usually much thinner than polyurethane sealers and epoxy coatings, so they wear faster and usually require reapplication sooner. But they are generally cheaper, so they warrant some consideration.

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