Flood Damage

Flood  Damage

Have you had a leaking shower, busted water pipe overflowing pipe work or storm or flood  damage just to name a few.  After any of these events your property should be dried out and inspected or treated before final repairs are made.

Flood DamgeFlood damage

Weis Contractors saw first-hand the effect flooding had on operators at the Rocklea Markets.  With little or no information the people of Brisbane pitched in to help each other out and remove dangerous contaminates from effect house. These house were normal washed out with bleach or chlorine. As we know chlorine has a short active life and most of this was use to remove the dirt and mud. Some house were not treat with a anti-microbial product or dried out properly after they were washed out. This may cause problem in the further. If your home was flooded and you are still experiencing mould issues a detail inspection and report may be needed.

Flood Damage Rocklea MArket

Weis Contractors can help you out with any flood or water damage.  We can provide assistance and guidance for you to help provide a quick solution.  We can provide assistance with the removal of your damaged contents assess what can be salvaged  and what need to be thrown away.  We can help remove the damaged building materials if needed.

Weis Contractors can supply you with drying equipment.

Flood damage repairflood damge


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