Fire damage cleaning

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Fire damage cleaning, or the restoration of surfaces that have been burned is a very specialised field. Simply removing the residue of the flame or smoke damage is not enough.

Often, as a by product of the combustion process, an acid is produced which attacks metal surfaces and aids in producing rust stains.

This can be a challenge to clean as it is. ( See our rust stain removal page )

The fire damaged surfaces have to be chemically treated to neutralise the acidity being produced to prevent the building from suffering any long term fire or corrosion related problems. Scrubbing and washing with water alone is not sufficient.

When we treat your building, we will analyse the nature of the fire and try to find out what was in the combustion process. We then chemically treat the fire damaged surfaces based on our findings.

The fire damage cleaning process often extends to more than just fire damaged areas.

Service stations, shops and office buildings can often have canopies that over time will get covered in soot from the exhaust fumes from cars, trucks and buses etc, and they also require cleaning in the same way. Light boxes in particular can often require a thorough clean on the inside and outside to allow them to shine brightly the way they were intended to do. Exhaust fumes can build up on the covers, making them dull in color.

The built up pollution on these canopies, can damage the Colourbond cladding or paint work over time resulting in acid build up and eventually this leads to corrosion.

Regular cleaning of the canopy extends the life of the sheet metal and that saves you money.

Not to mention it looks a whole lot cleaner !

Pressure cleaning     Pressure cleaning

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