Paint stripping

Paint stripping

Paint stripping    paint-stripping-1

Weis contractors have over 15 years experience in the graffiti removal and paint stripping industry. That’s a long time removing paint. Our experiences have taught us that there is a lot more to paint stripping than just getting rid of the paint. In reality it’s just not that simple. Most people simply are not aware of the health risks involved.

Prior to 1970 many of the paints being produced at that time contained high levels of lead, any exposure to the smallest amount of paint flakes, chips and or dust from “sanding” can lead to health risks from the particles containing lead that were stirred up during that process.

Doing any kind of sanding to a painted surface when you don’t know if it contains lead , should be avoided.

It will leave you, your families, your pets and your neighbours at risk of being exposed to the hazards of lead based paint. Sanding produces dust which quickly becomes airborne and it is especially dangerous to young children, pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

Since 1992 the recommended amount of lead in domestic paints has been reduced considerably from 50% pre 1965, to much safer level of 0.1% in 1997. But the trouble is you won’t necessarily know when the paint was applied.

Lead, like asbestos in houses is generally only a problem if it is disturbed. Paint coatings in good condition that are not peeling or flaking or that is covered by a well coated lead free paint is not a hazard. Until it comes time to paint stripping it away to make room for that new fresh painting project.

You could be risking the health of your family, children and neighbours without even knowing it.

You need to have your existing paint tested for lead BEFORE you start your painting project if the old paint ‘removal’ is a part of the project.

We specialise in having lead based paint removed safelyThe processes we employ are designed to reduce contamination to the surrounding area by using a wet removal process where the paint is stripped and then vacuumed up as we go. This wet process dramatically reduces the chance of any “dust” from being produced during the paint stripping process. We use certified contractors for this type of job.

Naturally this paint stripping process can be applied to a variety of surfaces and we can handle domestic and commercial sized jobs. We’re not just talking about houses, we can do large buildings, floors, walls, ceilings and a whole range of other surfaces. Any type of paint stripping is possible.

Just give us a call to discuss your exact need and we’ll gladly consult with you to come up with the best solution.

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