Line removal

Line Removal

Weis contractors are frequently involved in painted line removal for roads, factory floors, warehouses, driveways, car parks, stairs or in fact any surface that has painted lines on it. Old painted lines are commonly removed first in preparation for new line marking. We have different methods of painted line removal available to us and we will choose the best method based on the conditions of the surface and the location. ( indoors or outdoors / floors or walls for example )

Naturally we would consult with the customer prior to the job and advise of the best method given the job type and environment.

Our skilled operators can remove the paint neatly and thoroughly to bring the underlying surface back to a clean new condition. During the job we will comply with all OH&S regulations. Our environmentally friendly equipment ensures no dust / paint particles escape into the atmosphere during the paint removal process.

When the job is done, we can even reseal the surface if required.

Here’s a couple of examples of our line removal process in action. Here we used a steam based removal technique as it was deemed the best method for the condition and location of the surface in question. Using steam, dramatically reduces the amount of water being used and certainly makes the after job cleanup a whole lot easier.

Other line removal techniques can also include surface grinding. After grinding, the concrete is usually resealed to prevent stains and assist in cleaning the surface in preparation for any further line marking requirements if needed.

line removal     line removal

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