Floor grinding

Floor grinding

Floor grinding     Floor grinding

Floor grinding or Diamond grinding dramatically increases the surface texture and as a result it improves the friction of the surface. Making it more “non-slip”. The cost-effectiveness of diamond grinding makes it appealing as an alternative for many concrete restoration or repair projects.

We specialise in diamond grinding, a concrete restoration technique that reduces such things as faulting and roughness on concrete pavements. Diamond grinding can restore the functionality of pavements to a level of safety depending on the traffic need.

Diamond grinding restores the surface by removing lumps, bumps and scratches caused by wear and tear or even construction work. The most immediate effect of diamond grinding is a significant increase  in the smoothness of a pavement.

Once floor grinding has been done, its time to consider a protective coating for your newly polished surface. Covering the surface with a protective coating will help minimise any damage in the future. The coating can be customised to suite the surface that has just been done. We can discuss this with you on the day or prior to the job. Just contact us for more info.

Safety may also be improved by grooving the pavement surface. Grooving consists of cutting deeper channels that provide better water drainage then the pavement surface aids in preventing skidding and hydroplaning.

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